Hello, friends of Three Speeds! After taking a break for 2018, the Three Speed October Challenge is on for 2019!

The premise is simple: Ride your three speed during the month of October! Here are the basic stipulations of this challenge:

  1. Ride a three speed bicycle
  2. Three times a week
  3. At least three miles (5 km) each trip
  4. For at least three weeks during the duration of the challenge
  5. During a five-week period that centers around the month of October

And those of you who successfully complete the challenge will qualify to get something! If you are not already a member, successful completion of the challenge will qualify for a discounted SoTS membership.

For 2019, the Three Speed October Challenge will run from Friday September 27th to Sunday November 3rd. All times local.

You can find all the tl;dr rules here.

While the basics of the event remain the same, there are some tweaks and revisions to the 2019 Challenge:

  •  Starting with the 2019 challenge, you do not have to follow a traditional calendar week. It just has to be a seven day period.  For example, if you started your first ride on a Wednesday, your week ends on the following Tuesday. But most importantly, weeks cannot overlap. So if you start one week on a Wednesday, your next “week” can’t start until at least the following Wednesday. You just need to fill up three non-overlapping “weeks” during the duration of the challenge. (And yes, there can be gaps. The weeks don’t have to butt up against each other.) The first full week you can do is Friday September 27 through Thursday October 3rd. The last full week you can do is Monday October 28th through Sunday November 3rd.
  • The final weekend of the challenge, Friday November 1st through Sunday November 3rd, is designated as a Make-Up Weekend. During this “make up weekend” can only do one ride and one ride only to make up for a missed one for any previous “biffed” week. So you’ll still need to ride two rides during a previous week. Please note you can still do part of a regular week during this time too, if your final week happens during November 1-3.
  • In the past I allowed the possibility of doing two rides in a day. Since I made the calendar more flexible, I’m taking that away. So, you need to ride three separate and distinct trips in a week, each ride on a different day.

The prize pack for this year will consist of my new Three Speed October design that you see above. There are stickers, and there will be patches! These will be awarded to those who successfully complete the challenge. (Please note that there is a fee for getting the stickers/patches.)

And starting in 2019, there will be some bonus prizes! What can you do to get these bonus prizes? Well, I’ll be awarding one for each of the following:

  1. Longest single ride. This one is pretty straightforward. (Must be contained to a 24 hour period.) If two or more people tie, see tie-breakers in item four below.
  2. Best write up of your ride(s). Make them interesting!
  3. Best photo. Must include in photo a bike you rode. If you are posting pics to Instagram or flickr, tag them with #threespeedoct2019 and make sure I know about them!
  4. Most bikes used during the challenge. The maximum amount you can do is nine, one for each ride. (Sorry, you can’t switch out bikes during a ride to get more bikes in.) If two or more people tie, tiebreakers will include, in this order:
    1. “Naked” hub gear bikes will win over any bike with an attached derailleur (like a Brompton.) (Note: this does not include derailleurs used strictly as a chain tensioner.)
    2. Pure three speed hub gear bikes will win over four or five speed hubs.
    3. Age of bikes, i.e. older bikes win over newer.
  5. If you are mailing in your Challenge Reports, a prize for most interesting package.

And what is the prize pack for 2019? Take a gander at this years design! It will be available in both patch and sticker form. These prize packs will cost between $5 and $20, depending.


Okay! You want to do this? Please fill out the Google Form below. Once you fill in this form, you’ll get the submission forms emailed to you! These Submission Forms will be sent after October 4, 2019.

The deadline for reporting your rides for the Challenge is 11:59 PM Pacific Time on Friday November 15 2019.

Don’t want to fill out online forms? You can submit reports via Post! If you want to do this, please get in touch first. You can email me at urbanadventureleague@gmail.com Or send me a letter or postcard to:


P O BOX 14185


Do you have questions about the Challenge? Please drop me a line or comment below.


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