Three Speed October 2019: Week One, Ride Two, Saturday September 28

Welcome to the second ride of my personal challenge! It all started off good, leaving the house mid-afternoon on Saturday September 28th. A beautiful early fall day, sun and 58F/15C when I departed to do some errands on the Raleigh Superbe. I felt almost overdressed with my thick sweater. I made some copies on Hawthorne.

When I came out I heard the crack o’ thunder and looked up to a dark sky. Checking the weather, I see a blob of red heading our way, National Weather Service warning of hail and lightning.

I rush off to my next destino, seeing if I can outrun. After a brief visit to Portland Bicycle Emporium the skies opened up. A big flash of lighting and crack of thunder was almost directly overhead, so I rushed to an awning in a parking garage to wait it out. A few other cylists had the same idea. The rain and hail came, and then lessened. The temp dropped a good 10 degrees F. Now I feel underdressed!

I headed over to SE Foster and decided to check out Foster Outdoor Whaddya know, a nice wool scarf for sale? To think, I thought September was too early for “scarf weather”, but what do I know?

On the way home, I caught a glimpse of the sunset. Nice sun, thunder and downpour, sunset. A good mix today. 11 miles total. I hope the next ride isn’t as “exciting”…