Three Speed October 2019: Midway through the first week report

Hello, friends of Three Speeds! It’s Tuesday October 1st, half-way through the first week of the Three Speed October 2019 Challenge. Almost thirty people have signed up so far, yay! But signing up is the easy part, doing (and documenting) the rides takes a bit more effort. (And don’t forget to read the full rules and sign up here.)

We’ve had four days pass since the start, which means it’s possible that some of y’all have completed all three required rides. So far, no one has made an official report to me on that, so all I know is that I completed Week One.

Yes, Emee and I with her kids rode over to Montavilla Farmer’s Market on a cool Sunday afternoon. And I mean it: the high got only to 58F, the first time in four months we hadn’t crested 60F/16C. Winter is on the way, so a nice sweater and long socks came in handy. The ride just clocked in at three miles, meaning it qualifies! And this was Emee’s first ride of the Challenge.

I’ve also ridden one “bonus” ride. A bonus ride is any ride that is over the three for a week. Yes, you can and should ride a bonus ride, and post them! My bonus ride happened on Monday September 30. A four-mile round trip jaunt to Montavilla for biz and back. It was even brisker out (stiff east wind), so it was the first time to break out the Tweed jacket for fall!

Okay, other folks have posted some of their rides too!

Cleotalk in Kentucky managed to get two rides in so far. Sounds like summer has not left the south, reports of 93F/34C and high humidity. I don’t envy them out there. Hopefully the weather can cool down for Cleotalk to get in one more ride this week!

ScottJoseph9 in Upstate NY has gotten in a couple rides on his lovely Rudge:

Steve and Wendy in Alabama managed to get in a cruise, though the heat is getting to them too.

There are a few people signed up from across the pond, but only Musings from Jack has posted anything. Here’s his superb Superbe:

So keep those reports coming! And you can follow the #threespeedoct2019 tag on Instagram or Tumblr for more action.

To close out this report, here’s some notes by folks when they filled out the Registration Form:

I am really looking forward to this year’s event! I may tow my daughter along for most or all of my three speed rides in a bike trailer-that is brutal in a three speed!

Thomas in San Antonio

I got a very nice rejection card from Shawn due to my Humber being converted to one speed; but I promise to ride the 1950 Rudge 3-speed that I rebuilt for my son. And my wife may accompany me on her Raleigh Superbe 3-speed on some rides although she isn’t officially signing up. Thanks!


Thanks in advance!! Excited for this year’s challenge and the patches are gorgeous!

Bicycle Kitty

Hooray for 3-speeds! [My previous commuter for more than a decade was a single-speed fixed gear… Also fun.] Also, I did a metric century on my 3-speed earlier this year. 😀

Logan in SLC