Hello, friends of Three Speeds! I’m going to try to post these updates about this year’s Three Speed October Challenge every Monday for the remainder of it. Wish me luck!

Since I last checked in, a full week of the Challenge have passed, which means people have completed the first week. As of now, we have forty people who have signed up for the challenge, yay! And we have had nine people who have successfully completed their first week. At least, that’s how many have reported it. So, if you haven’t filled out the form for the first week (you should have received one if you registered), now is a good time to do so. But please note: Please DO NOT FILL OUT THIS FORM unless you have COMPLETED the week. That means: doing three rides. Wait until you’ve done your three and fill out the form. This makes it much easier for me to keep track of things!

And if you have filled out the form for Week One, you should have received via email the form for Week Two. If you haven’t received the forms, please get in touch.

Alright, let’s see what’s up:

Woo hoo! scottjoseph9 is the first person (other than me) to complete and record their first week of the challenge!

This is a fun way to track my activity! I ride my vintage 3 speeds to work year-round several times per week.


And, Beverly in Ontario is the second person to complete the first week of the challenge. Yay!

in Meanwhile, in New Mexico, the Happy Little Three Speed Bicycle Blog ponders if he should participate in the challenge:

I’ve gone back and forth about whether I would sign up or not.  I keep leaning toward not for two reasons.
One, I almost always commute to work, every day, and since I switched up the happy little single speed to the happy little three speed, I’ve done that ride almost exlusively on three speed bicycles, though occasionally I’ll pull the touring bike down and ride it.  If you throw in all the riding I do for grocery shopping, I cover about 70 – 80 miles by three speed a week.  (This past week, the old Raleigh as developed some rattling and rubbing noises.  I think they might be coming from the sheet metal pieces that slide in on either side of the rear sprocket, but I’m still working on it.)
So, it’s not so much a challenge, but a matter of documenting my riding, and I’m feeling too lazy to do that.  Still, it’s a sweet patch that’s being offered.
Two, I’ve been short-handed at work and doing the work of two people for the past couple of months.  Let’s face it – I’m just a little bit tired and don’t feel up to taking photographs and writing blog posts.

Happy Little Three Speed Bicycle

Then comes around and decides to do it, while adding a sub-challenge for himself:

I think, for a personal challenge, I’ll ride the 1952 Raleigh every day, except for grocery shopping.  It won’t fit the trailer hitch I use for groceries, so it will have to be the Happy Little Three Speed for that.

Happy Little Three Speed Bicycle

Shanejsours has gotten in a ride:

Took my ‘68 DeLuxe Racer out for a spin today along the canal for the first ride of Three Speed October.

Shane’s 1968 Schwinn Deluxe Racer

3 Speed Seattle has gotten in a couple rides.

First ride of 3 Speed October, go! As is typical for a monday, I had to ride from my place down to King Street Station to catch the Sounder train so I could go visit my grandmother. The city has been busily putting in more bike lanes, to the point that I can go from my place to the train station almost entirely by bike lane or cycletrack. Of course, the new sections of cycletrack are only helpful as long as people don’t park their cars in them.


More errands to run on a Wednesday afternoon. First to the local library to drop off some books, then to the Grocery Store for food. The pumpkin displays make a nice colorful backdrop. Really starting to feel like fall around here!


To close this report out, a trio of images from Instagram:

Keep those reports coming in, and if you are putting stuff on Instagram, make sure you tag it as #threespeedoct2019

See you next week!

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