We had ourselves a good little Three Speed Ride this past weekend. Eleven folks total (including myself) showed up on this beautiful (65F and sunny) early fall day.

The route was a pretty “classic” one: from Kenton to Kelley Point Park, then to St Johns, all within the North “Quadrant”. We used the Columbia Slough levee bike path west from Kenton (which was pretty rough around the wastewater treatment plant), then west along Marine Drive. The truck traffic was pretty chill today. At Kelley Point, the confluence of the Willamette and Columbia Rivers, we had our tea break.

More Marine Drive riding to get to Chimney and Pier Parks, then into the heart of St Johns for the end. My preferred end spot, Gracies Apizza, was not open yet, so we opted for the marvelous assortment of food and beer at the St Johns Beer Porch conglomeration of food trucks. Fourteen miles, and the ride was a wrap!

Some of us hung out for food and beer, then myself, Emee, and Tarik Saleh went to Cathedral Park underneath the St Johns Bridge to hang out for a bit. The sun set, and we rode back along N Willamette Blvd towards home.

That’s it for Portland three speed rides for 2019. But don’t forget, the Seattle ride is on Saturday October 19th! I hope to see some of you Emerald City three speeders there!

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