Coffeeneuring 2019, Ride 1: To Jet Black Coffee

My first Coffeeneuring Ride of 2019 also is my Week Three, Ride One for Three Speed October!

Urban Adventure League

Welcome to another year of the Coffeeneuring Challenge! This annual event, headed up by the esteemed Mary of Chasing Mailboxes, has been going on for most of the decade. I’ve participated every year since 2013. I’ve completed every year (getting in the requisite seven rides) except last year, when I only got six. This year, I hope to get all seven.

I had hoped to start this year’s Challenge on the first day possible, Friday October 11. But due to work obligations, it wasn’t going to happen. But Saturday October 12 was wide open, plus a pretty decent October day: partly cloudy, high of 60F/16C.

This year, Mary added a new wrinkle to the challenge: The optional Control Card. You can fill out a report like they do on a Randonneuring Event! I thought it was a cool concept. But rather than print out something, how about doing it in…

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