Hello folks! We are closing in towards the end of the challenge. Meaning: if you haven’t started already, it’s too late. There’s not much of a report for this Monday. Not that things aren’t happening (they are!) But since I’m traveling sans laptop, it’s hard for me to write something really extensive and intensive. You’ll get a better report next Monday.

For now, here’s a few details. As of 7 PM Pacific Time on Sunday October 20, we have:

  • 46 people who have registered
  • 24 people who have completed Week One
  • 16 people who have completed Week Two
  • 5 people who have completed Week Three, meaning we have five people who have successfully completed the challenge!

For those of you who have completed the challenge; I’ll be sending the info on prize pack ordering later this week.

For everyone: Keep on filling out those forms! I won’t be able to send/resend forms until I return to Portland (the earliest date will be Wednesday). But for pretty much everyone who has registered for the challenge (except Recycled Android), you should have gotten an email sent with the form for Week One. Check your junk/spam if you haven’t seen it, especially if you have hotmail, yahoo, or aol addresses. If you can’t find it, let me know.

And: If you registered and haven’t done a ride yet, you won’t be able to complete the challenge. So let me know that you are out, so I don’t keep on nagging you.

Everyone: Ride your three speed, challenge or not!

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