Hello friends of Three Speeds! This is a short-but-sweet post. Apologies for not doing a Monday update this week, I’ll have a more substantial Three Speed October post next week.

This is the final weekend of the challenge. Meaning: If you are finishing up your third and final week, now is the time to do so! Keep on filling out your Google Forms. If you haven’t received one for your appropriate week, please get in touch.

For those of you who have missed one (and only one ride) during one of your weeks: This is Make-Up Weekend. From now until 11:59 PM your time on Sunday November 3, you can make up one biffed ride from a former week. You can only make up one ride from one week, so if you biffed more than one week, or you had a week with only one ride, then you are out of luck, alas. There is a special form for the Make-Up Weekend, so if you need it, please get in touch.

And yes, if you missed a ride from Week One or Two and are still finishing Week Three, you can do both a regular ride (or two) plus one Make-Up Ride this weekend. No, you cannot use a Make-Up Ride from Week One or Two as also a Week Three Ride. No double dipping! Confused? Please get in touch.

So far, we have seventeen people who have completed the challenge. Yes! If you have completed the challenge, you should have gotten a Completion form emailed to you where you can select your prize options. Haven’t received one yet? Please get in touch.

And a reminder: It’s totally groovy that you’ve been posting your #threespeedoct2019 reports to your blog, Instagram, Tumblr, flickr, or even Facebook. But remember, to make it count, you MUST fill out the Google Forms! Please fill them out sooner or later so I can get all this business sorted out, and get prize packs made!

Alright, have a great weekend, three-speeders!

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