Hello friends of Three Speeds, today is the day. If you have done rides for this year’s Three Speed October Challenge but have yet to finalize it by completing your Google Forms, now is the time.

If you have signed up for the Challenge, you should have at least gotten the form to fill out for Week One. Please go ahead and fill that out, and you’ll get the subsequent forms. If for some reason you haven’t received the form, get in touch.

If you completed the challenge successfully, you should have received a Completion form, in which you indicate which prize pack you’d like. If you haven’t received this form, let me know. If you have, please fill it out ASAP and when you receive the PayPal money request, please pay! I need to get the prize pack order finalized.

If you are doing the challenge via papernet (aka through the mail), today is the day to mail it all in.

Are you confused? Need more time? Etc? I will be accommodating. But I need to hear from you!

For all of you who have filled out your info, THANK YOU!

Prizes should go out in December. Also, I will be announcing the results and those who won the special prizes in December.

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