Ride Report: Three Speed Pub Crawl, Sat 25 Jan

What a weekend! It was what I needed after a week of rain and lots of work. As Mr. Rhodes has noted, despite a forecast that didn’t seem that promising, we got two days of mostly decent weather (at least during the day, it rained pretty hard later on Saturday night.) After a pretty wet January (making up for a drier than average November and December, I suppose), we hit 58F/15C on Saturday. Spring weather! Beats what they’ve been having out in the Midwest, I guess.

Saturday was the Three Speed Pub Crawl. Despite having about 10 folks sign up, 6 (including myself) actually showed. A few couldn’t make it due to sickness or schedule issues, a couple (whom I didn’t know) just simply no-showed. Oh well. We had fun.

We started at Scotch Lodge, a whiskey bar in the basement of the former La Luna/Pine Street Theater, a storied venue. Kurt played there (though he met Courtney at the long-gone Satirycon), and The Replacements performed a notorious set here in 1987, inspiring the song “Portland”. (Plus, they had “We’re Sorry Portland” etched in the run-out groove of their 1989 album Don’t Tell a Soul.) There would be no throwing couches out of second-floor windows tonight, though. We just enjoyed some whisky, beer, and each other’s company.

Second stop of the crawl was the Rose and Thistle Pub on NE Broadway. I had said earlier that the vague theme of the crawl was both Scottish and Lunar New Year. Stop number One hit up the first part, this stop hit up both. Y’see, Rose and Thistle is a Scottish (not English, not Irish) Pub, noted by the Scottish Flag on the door and Scotch Eggs on the menu. As for Lunar New Year, what year is it? It’s the Year of the Rat. And what’s the bar’s initials? 😉 (Don’t think I’m super-clever, there was a small Lunar New Year Party going on when we got there!)

Finally, we ended with the Barelic Brewing “Barley Pod” on NE 60th and Halsey. Barelic isn’t Scottish, though it is an Old English term meaning “of barley”. We had a refreshing beverage, and took off before the rains came.

Three Speed Pub Crawl is THIS SATURDAY, January 25. Spots still available!

Hey there! Do you like three speed bicycles? Like riding three speed bicycles? Like imbibing adult beverages? Then come on this Three Speed Pub Crawl presented by Society of Three Speeds!

The pub crawl is Saturday January 25 from 4 PM to about 8. We’ll hit up at least three pubs. The vague theme of the “crawl” is Scottish, with a dash of Lunar New Year thrown in.

We’ll let you know where the start is about a week before the event. The route will be a mystery. The locations will all be on the east side of the Willamette River, not going more than three miles north or south of Burnside, and not going east of 82nd. End spot will be transit accessible.

This event is FREE, but all beverages will be paid for by YOU. And maybe you should consider buying your ride leader a drink? 😉

Three Speed Bicycles recommended, but if you don’t have one, ride what you brung.

We’ll also have Society of Three Speeds memberships available for purchase, along with other swag.

REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Please go to Eventbrite to register.

Raleigh Club Cycles 1934-1942

Hello friends! Just wanted to let people know about a cool post on the On The Drops blog. It’s about Raleigh Club Cycles, those lovely and rare lightweight three speeds from the ’30’s. Peter C. Koehler has a lot to say about these beauts:

With names like Super Sports, Streak, Golden Arrow, Clipper, Special Club, Silver Record and Golden Four, the Raleigh and Humber club cycles of the ‘thirties with their trim good looks, distinctive transfers and livery, celluloid mudguards, Sturmey-Archer gears and their riders in Alpaca cycling jackets with rolled up sleeves and open spread collar shirts, evoke a quaint and civil world of cycling on largely car-free roads amid unspoilt rural settings. They also represented a Golden Age for Raleigh as well as British cycling then enjoying the peak of its popularity.  Club riders were part of a new national appreciation of the countryside, health and fitness, a carefree idyll cut short by the War and diminished after it by cars, congestion and suburban sprawl.

You can go read the full post here.