Hello friends! Just wanted to let people know about a cool post on the On The Drops blog. It’s about Raleigh Club Cycles, those lovely and rare lightweight three speeds from the ’30’s. Peter C. Koehler has a lot to say about these beauts:

With names like Super Sports, Streak, Golden Arrow, Clipper, Special Club, Silver Record and Golden Four, the Raleigh and Humber club cycles of the ‘thirties with their trim good looks, distinctive transfers and livery, celluloid mudguards, Sturmey-Archer gears and their riders in Alpaca cycling jackets with rolled up sleeves and open spread collar shirts, evoke a quaint and civil world of cycling on largely car-free roads amid unspoilt rural settings. They also represented a Golden Age for Raleigh as well as British cycling then enjoying the peak of its popularity.  Club riders were part of a new national appreciation of the countryside, health and fitness, a carefree idyll cut short by the War and diminished after it by cars, congestion and suburban sprawl.

You can go read the full post here.

One thought on “Raleigh Club Cycles 1934-1942

  1. Thank you for linking to the article Shawn. I enjoyed it. It caused me, once again, to look online for a copy of Tony Hadland’s book on Raleigh, and to wonder why they are so expensive. The price on used copies makes it seem like the print run was only ten or so copies. I still hold out hope to find one for $20 or so.

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