My Raleigh Superbe at (almost) five years: A superb bike!

Urban Adventure League

Taken with my Minolta Hi-Matic 7s 35mm film camera. (Film: Kodak Gold 200)

My Raleigh Superbe is soon to be a member of my Five Year Club, bikes that I’ve had for that time period. The Crested Butte and Schwinn Heavy Duti have passed those milestones, the Bantam will soon. I got my hands on the Superbe in September of 2015, though it wasn’t road worthy until the following spring. Since then, I’ve done a decent amount to, and a lot, with this bike.

Currently it fills the niche of my daily driver for commuting and utility. In fact, looking back over the past month, I’ve used the Raleigh Superbe for nearly all my day-to-day riding. The only times I pulled out a different bike was the Bantam for the trip to the cabins, and a fun day ride with the Robin Hood path racer. Both of those bikes are…

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