SOTS Blog · Upcoming Three Speed Rides in Portland, OR

Three Speed Day Tour, 18 April 2020: CANCELLED

I was hoping for a fun day of three speed riding on Saturday April 18th. But with a heavy heart, I’ve decided to cancel this ride. With the current situation of global pandemic, I don’t feel that it’s the time for the ride. While restrictions may hopefully be lifted by April 18th, there’s a lot of uncertainty of what’s ahead for the short term. Now is not the time for a group ride.

I still have a Three Speed Ride planned for October, which may be this route, or another. I’m also hoping for a Three Speed Campout this summer. Plus, I fully intend to do the Three Speed October Challenge if I can. There will be three speed fun in the future, I promise.

In the meantime, health officials still say it’s okay to go on a solo bike ride. I’ll be doing as much of that as I can. So, get on your three speed and go on a ride. We’re going to need bike rides for our mental and physical health.

Stay safe out there.

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