My Robin Hood “in nature”. Don’t tell anyone, that’s a golf course behind the fence. Camera: Olympus XA2. Film: Kodak ColorPlus 200.

Hello, Friends of Three Speeds! Thank you to the folks that have participated in the first two week of the new and improved Three Speed Adventure April Challenge for 2020! Now it is time to reveal the theme for Week Three, which is Sunday April 12 through Saturday April 18 (all times local):

Three Speed in Nature

What do I mean? I want your (or someone else’s) three speed in a nature-like setting. Yes, there has to be a three (or four, or five) speed bike recognizably in the shot. Yes, there can be people, too. The “nature-like” setting is open for interpretation. It doesn’t have to be the forest, or the wilderness, or have a mountain or the ocean in the backdrop, but it sure as well can. But it can just be a field, the park down the street, or your backyard if you can make it work. And if you are doing a current shot, no, this is not the time to get “epic”.

What shouldn’t this scene be or have?

  • Urban details, meaning buildings and most infrastructure shouldn’t be present (or at the very least, this should be muted and not the focus of the pic)
  • It shouldn’t be an indoor shot, especially of your house or garage

Here are the fine print details:

  • This can happen anywhere on earth.
  • This is open to anyone who owns a bike with an internally geared hub of three, four, or five speeds. No more/less gears, no derailleurs, with the exception of Bromptons and chain tensioners. It doesn’t matter how old the bike is, or what country the bike came from.
  • The photos can be fresh, or they can be from your archives.
  • You can post one photo a day, with the maximum of six per week.
  • You can post photos to your blog, Instagram, flickr, or tumblr. (No twitter or facebook, sorry.)
  • Please tag your pic #threespeedadvapr2020
  • Please write a good description!
  • Make sure you mention the make and model of your bike (i.e. Raleigh Superbe), and year if you know.
  • Let me know when you post. You can tag me in the post or email/DM me.
  • Want to mail it in via post? Sure. You will need to include a photo, though. Email/DM me for more info.
  • I will do my best to share as many posts as possible!

Alright, let’s see your photos, friends!

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