The Stone Wall in Old Frontenac. From the 2018 Lake Pepin Three Speed Tour

Hello, friends of Three Speeds. For obvious reasons the annual Lake Pepin Three Speed Tour is not happening this year. This beautiful loop around a natural lake on the Mississippi River in Wisconsin and Minnesota would have occurred this coming weekend (May 16-17).

But fear not! Jon, the (shirt-tail) organizer of this event has proposed that you have your own Lake Pepin styled adventure of your own, anywhere in the world! Here is the official declaration:

Get out your favourite Trusty Steed, march proudly out your back door and go for a ride. Pick Saturday, May 16th or Sunday the 17th (or both), choose a direction, and head out. Pack a lunch, strong sweet tea, cake, and your mouldy canvas rain cape and enjoy the day. Be sure your saddle is a bit hard and your tyres are a bit soft and don’t forget to take photos because this is a 3-Speed Tour after all. Stop at all the overlooks and historic markers you can find. Once you have returned, upload your photos somewhere that we can all view and write it up on the Gentleman Cyclist list. Once you are settled into the overstuffed chair for the evening, enjoy your favourite stout or if you entertained the inevitable flat tyre during your 3-Speed Tour, better go with the Belgian Ale. For a little icing on the cake, send your address * and I will forward a plague-yellow 2020 bagtag in return.

Sounds like a great idea!

Emee and I hope to have our own little Three-Speed Adventure here in Portland this weekend. Hopefully the weather holds out…

*Send your address to Jon, not me. I don’t have the bag-tags.

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