Due to the current pandemic, the Lake Pepin Three Speed Ride scheduled for the past weekend did not happen. But Jon, the (shirt-tail) organizer, told people that they should do their own Three Speed Ride over the weekend. It could be around Lake Pepin or wherever people lived. It could be one day, it could be both days. Emee and I were determined to do something here in Portland.

The weather forecast for the weekend was iffy: a chance of rain and possible thunderstorms both days. It was looking like Sunday would be the better of the two days, so that’s what we decided on. After a late and leisurely brunch, we left the house Sunday afternoon (Sunday May 17), aiming for Luuwit View Park for a picnic/tea stop, then see what else we wanted to do.

The ride to Luuwit View was good. The weather was partly cloudy with a high of 70F/21C. There seemed to be thundershowers in the distance on the radar, but they stayed in the mountains, never coming to the valley floor. Luuwit View was big and spacious, something we wanted if we were going to hang out outside for a bit. The distant clouds obscured Mount Hood, but Mount Saint Helens, aka Luuwit, was still visible to the north. We reflected on the fact that 40 years ago today (Monday, as you are reading this) is when St. Helens had its (in)famous destructive eruption. If this were 1980, we’d have a good (and safe) view of this event!

We had a wee picnic at a picnic table. I brought the Trangia 27 Stormcooker set for our tea brew-up. It was a good idea, as it was pretty windy out. We snacked on some fine Irish cheddar and biscuits, and washed it all down with the tea and a bit of bubbly.

The weather was still nice, and we had a few more hours of sun. Why not ride a bit more? First, we made a pit stop to Level Brewing, Portland’s most far flung brewery (but only a mile and a half from the park!) During these trying times we are doing our best to support local beer. We arranged a contactless pickup of a couple six packs.

From there, we headed a little further east. We got on the secret path by the Columbia Slough for a bit. Down here, things were peaceful and tranquil, so we hung out by the water for a bit. We also checked out the overlook over the wetlands at NE Mason Dr and Airport Way. We saw a hawk (or maybe an osprey?) in the distance, and a white heron hunting in the water. I love spots like this!

It was getting dark, so we pushed on back home. It was 18 miles of riding total, a nice afternoon jaunt. Sure, it’s not like Lake Pepin, but hopefully we can get out there next year!

See our route here.

Exploring the Columbia Slough between NE 158th Av and Airport Way, 17 May 2020

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