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Three Speed October 2020: A Report

Hello friends! Here is the long-awaited round-up of this year’s Three Speed October. This was the first year of the “mail in journal” system, and it worked great. I was really prepared for push-back, but 63 people registered for the challenge, so I must have done something right! In any case, the challenges from here on out will work this way.

As I said above, 63 people registered. Of those, 49 successfully completed the Challenge, 5/7ths of the registrants! Very nice. Most everyone this time around was in the United States, but we did have four participants from outside the US. We had one participant each from: the UK, Belgium, Denmark, and Japan. (We did have a few registrants from Canada, but I have never seen completed Journals from them.)

As far as I can tell, everyone completed the challenge within the rules. A few people were confused by the weeks, which ran Friday through Thursday. I may consider changing it to a standard Sunday-Saturday for 2021.

And it seems like people had fun! I’ve created an album of some of the images shared in the journals below (or click here). But I will note a few people:

  • Scott O had some lovely pics, like the “sunset with S/A trigger”
  • Ethan W wins the award for “Best Decorated Journal Cover”
  • Charles W has a lot of small-wheeled three speeds, and rode a different one for each ride. He also illustrated all the different bikes
  • Todd G had some great sketches in his journal

Okay, that should do it for now! Look forward to another Three Speed October in 2021!

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