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Looking back at 2020: A Society End-Of-Year Report

Hello, friends of three speeds! What a year this turned out to be. I doubt that any of us would have figured the year would turn out the way that it did. “May you live in interesting times” someone once said.

And yes, this was not the 2020 that the Society was hoping for. But we made the best of it. And what did happen?

  • January: We had the Three Speed Pub Crawl on Saturday January 25th. Six people (incl. myself) showed up for this Scottish and Lunar New Year (Year of the Rat) themed ride. Stops included Scotch Lodge, Rose and Thistle, and Baerlic on NE Halsey.
  • April: This was supposed to be the month of the biggish Three Speed Day Ride and the Three Speed Adventure April Challenge. But pandemic put the kibosh on the former and sapped enthusiasm for the latter. Instead, I did a five-week photo challenge instead. We had a couple dozen people participate.
  • October: Three Speed October did happen, and this time it was done by mail-in journals. Sixty-three people registered, forty-nine completed. See the full report in the previous post.
  • We are now almost at 300 members! As of 26 December 2020, we have 283 members, 37 of which registered this year.

And despite the state of the world, I’m pretty happy with how things turned out with Society of Three Speeds in 2020. We only managed one group ride, and we only had 2/3 the amount of new members as we did in 2019 (when the Version Two membership kits were new), but participation in the challenges has taken off. And that’s great! For years I fretted about what could take the Society to “the next level”, as my local rides tended to feature the usual suspects and there was hesitancy by people outside of Portland to join since they couldn’t participate in the rides. But the challenges can be done anywhere in the world. We don’t know when we can do group rides like we did pre-pandemic, but solo challenges can still be done. And you folks seem to like the “mail-in journal” format to the challenges, so I see no need to go back to cumbersome Google Forms.

Have a Happy New Year! I’ll be back soon with what to expect in 2021. Now get on your three speed and ride!

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