Setting the Record Straight

Bryan talks about his British-by-the-way-of-Slovenia Record three-speed. I particularly like this quote:
“In this modern world of super lightweight carbon fibre racing bikes, some people reading this might question why I bothered wasting time on a bike that’s heavy and not worth much, or why I chose to ride it as much as I did. I would say that it’s practical, durable, comfortable, and does exactly what it says on the tin.”


Record of Surrey

About twelve years ago I purchased a basic early 1980s Gents three speed roadster. It is badged as a Record of Surrey although certain features of the frame always made me think it was Continental rather than British. Such bikes were common once, indeed I also had a step-through version of it at one point which I sold to a friend who had need of a bike to lock at train and bus stations without the need to worry too much about it’s fate. I had assumed these were Dutch or German. Research by my friend who has much better language skills than me revealed the most likely origin was the Rog Turist which originated in Slovenia. They are nothing special in many ways, being functional and like most bikes of this type, strong, simple, durable but pretty heavy.

Record 3 Speed Roadster
The Record as originally purchased

I had bought it as a…

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The final week of the Midnite Bicycle League Challenge starts today

Urban Adventure League

Hello folks! We are counting down to the end of the Midnite Bicycle League Challenge. This is the final week, and if you haven’t already you need to complete your two final rides this week. (Of course you should have done the three other rides before now!) I’m now getting the prize packs ready. This year’s patch has been finalized by Falls Creek Outfitters (see above.) Prize packs should start going out sometime in March or April.

Some pertinent notes:

  • Have you already completed the challenge but haven’t sent in the completed journal? The time to send it in is now. Please make sure you make a digital copy for your records in case the journal gets lost in the post. Please also send the parcel with tracking, first class package preferred over certified mail.
  • Didn’t do your three rides before this week? Under special circumstances, I’ll allow you to…

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The Speedwell Diaries – Project … Next :

Peter restores an Australian made Speedwell three speed, going for comfort and safety over “complete period-correctness.”

a new recyclist

This was to be my next Speedwell project, well, so it was – in September 2016 !! … time got away on me, but here it is now.

It’s another Special Sports 3-speed, the green frame late 50s, with the ‘fancier than usual’ head lugs. 

these are fancier head lugs than on a standard special sports.

I have added the steel mudguards, as the bike came to me came as a frame-set without them, and I think these bikes look best in their full regalia.  It’s getting harder to find decent guards though. Back in the day, some of them would have been scrapped because they didn’t look ‘sporty’ enough for their owners. Others might have simply deteriorated and been removed in a so-called ‘spruce-up’, along with the dreaded house paint ‘refurb’ job…

non-original cream guards .. but they suit, I think, and the fittings are the same.

Also, I’m…

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