An afternoon ramble to Johnson Lake, 9 January 2021

Hey there! I figure I should share some of my posts about my three speeds from my Urban Adventure League Blog. Hope you enjoy!

Urban Adventure League

Clear and dry winter days are a commodity. You have to seize the moment. But for me, that “moment” is often in the afternoon. As much as I wish it otherwise, I am no morning person. I developed my “stay up late” habits in the later ’80s when I was a teen. (Late Nite with David Letterman did not come on in the morning.) Of course the big problem with this roll-out-of-bed lifestyle is that there’s not that much daylight in the winter. But one does not need loads of daylight for a li’l bike ramble!

I decided to head northward on the Robin Hood, over the Alameda Ridge and towards the Columbia River. My goal: Johnson Lake, an obscure body of water that’s next to the Columbia Slough just west of I-205. The last time I was down this way was a year ago, which happened almost two…

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