To Powell Butte with the Robin Hood, 3 March 2021

Urban Adventure League

Camera: Olympus 35 RD. Film: Cinestill 50D.

Powell Butte is one of my favorite biking destinations: It’s just far enough away that I’ll get in a decent (around 20 mile) ride no matter what. Powell Butte is deep coniferous forests on the slopes and a big rolling meadow on top. The views of Mount Hood, Mount Saint Helens, and other Cascade mountains is superb. And the unpaved trails through the park are enough of a “mountain bike” experience for me. But I have to time my visits just right: It’s got to be a sunny and dry day, because I want those views and I want the trails to not be a bogfest.

And just like a lot of my fave biking destinations, it’s been too long since I’ve last been there. The last time I can recall was in July when Steve M and I rode up there. I…

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