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Today is the LAST DAY of the Three Speed April 2021 Challenge!

Hello, friends of Three Speeds! Yes, April has flown by. And today is the last day of the Three Speed April 2021 Challenge! You have now until 11:59 PM your local time to finish up the challenge. What's that, you forgot to register? Well, you can still register and complete the challenge TODAY if you… Continue reading Today is the LAST DAY of the Three Speed April 2021 Challenge!

SOTS Blog · Three Speed Adventure April · three speed challenges

A quick Three Speed April 2021 update

Hello folks! We are in the last third of this year's Three Speed April 2021 Challenge. So far thirty folks have signed up. Cool! I haven't received any journals in the mail yet, but I have seen some reports on Instagram. If you are sharing on The Gram, make sure you tag your posts #3spdapr2021… Continue reading A quick Three Speed April 2021 update


My Three Speed April 2021 ride: 2 April

Urban Adventure League

You’ve probably heard about that Three Speed April challenge I run, where three-speeders have the month of April to complete one, several, or all of these five sub-challenges:

  1. Ride your three speed at least fifteen miles (25 km) in one ride.
  2. A climb of 5% or more grade, with a cumulative elevation gain of at least 100 feet (30 m).
  3. A bit of unpaved/dirt action, of at least a cumulative one half mile (1 km).
  4. Coffee outside via three speed.
  5. A bike overnight or bike camping trip by three speed.

Well, as Presidente of Society of Three Speeds, I must also practice what I preach. So I pulled out the trusty Robin Hood path racer, my most “rough-stuff” machine of planetary gear persuasion, and decided to do a ride on Friday April 2nd. It was a pleasant and mild spring day, sunny and a high of 62F/16C, the start of the…

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Continuing Clearance in my Etsy Shop: Certain items 50%-70% off

Urban Adventure League

Hello friends. As Portland warms up, spring cleaning is in full effect. And that also applies to my online Etsy shop. I’ve running a clearance sale on certain items through May 2:

  • 50% off: Certain comics, the Zinester’s Guide to Portland guide, Postcard Club, and old Society of Three Speeds memberships
  • 70% off: Buttons and postcard bundles

So if you want to get some of my stuff at a really good price, head on over to my shop!

And thank you for your support.

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April bike, bag, clothing, and camera/film bits sale

Urban Adventure League

Hello, friends! The endless purging of unused items continues. All prices are USD, and do not include shipping. Shipping will start at $5 USD, depending on what and how much you get. Local contacless pickup can be arranged (around Mount Tabor in Portland), but you have to pre-pay first. Payment via PayPal. Interested? Drop me a line at and include your ZIP Code so I can sort out shipping costs. Crossed out items have been Sold.

Firstly, bike bits.


  • Large brass ding-dong bell.Such a big and bright sound! Typical bell mount.
  • Green Guru “Clincher” (very) small frame bag. 50 cubic inch/0.8 litre capacity, velcro straps.
  • AXA HR bottle dynamo, left mount. Typical Euro bottle dynamo, 6V/3W output, with two outputs, meaning you can wire both front and rear light from the dynamo, rather than having to wire rear light to front light. Nothing functionally wrong with…

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