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Today is the LAST DAY of the Three Speed April 2021 Challenge!

Hello, friends of Three Speeds! Yes, April has flown by. And today is the last day of the Three Speed April 2021 Challenge! You have now until 11:59 PM your local time to finish up the challenge. What’s that, you forgot to register? Well, you can still register and complete the challenge TODAY if you want!

Please remember a few points:

  • You don’t have to do all five of the sub-challenges. You can do as many as you like. You need to do one sub-challenge to get stickers and at least three sub-challenges to get the patch.
  • You can do the Bike Overnight tonight. If you do that (and only if you do that), you can complete other sub-challenges tomorrow (Saturday May 1st) as part of your return ride. Didn’t do the Overnight tonight? You can’t do challenges tomorrow.
  • Finished your challenge? Now is the time to finalize your Official Journal and return via post (in the US) or scan and email (outside the US). You have from now until May 21st to get those journals in!

And if you share on Instagram please use the tag #3spdapr2021


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