Société des Rambleneurs: The Summer 2021 Challenge (1 July-15 August)

Urban Adventure League

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Once again, I’m back with another challenge that gets you membership into a club! The challenge will happen for about six weeks, starting on Thursday July 1st, 2021 and ending on Sunday August 15th. This challenge is all about sharing the art oframbleneuring.

What is Rambleneuring?

No, it’s not “randonneuring”, where one has to self-sufficiently ride a number of miles in a certain time frame. To heck with that. This is all aboutgoing slow and appreciating the journey.This one’s about takingmore timethan you think you’ll need. You think you can do those ten miles in an hour? How about doing it in two instead! You like riding the direct route? How about trying the indirect route instead!

Rambleneuring is a great way to discover the world around you. It’s not about getting from Point A to Point B, it’s what’s along the way…

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