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My third and final week of my Three Speed October 2021 Challenge

Hello, friends of Three Speeds! I was hoping to write more of a “Three Speed October 2021 Week Four Round-Up” post. But scanning “the channels” of Instagram, flickr, and tumblr (remember that we do not participate on The Book of Face) there was nothing posted for last week. Nothing except my posts. So that’s what I’ll be sharing.

This week I completed my third week of the challenge, plus got in my makeup ride for the one I missed during Week Two. Plus two of my rides are part of Mary’s Coffeeneuring 2021 Challenge! And my final ride can be considered a prelude to the Midnite Bicycle League Challenge, which is coming next.

So I am finished! Huzzah! And if you have finished, send in your Official Reporting Journal!

And if you share your Three Speed October rides on either flickr, Instagram, or tumblr, make sure you tag them #3spdoct21 If you share via flickr, please also share your pics in the Society of Three Speeds group.

And all my #3spdoct21 pics can be found in the dynamic flickr album below.

Journal Comic, 26 Sept 2021. Three Speed October, Week 1 Ride 1

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