Midnite Bicycle League Challenge returns for 2022! (Jan 1st through Feb 14th)

Urban Adventure League

Hello friends! My most popular challenge returns for Winter 2022! The Midnite Bicycle League Challenge is back and happening from January 1st through February 14, 2022.

What is the Midnite Bicycle League Challenge? It’s pretty simple:

  • Ride your bike at night (between sunset and sunrise)
  • Each ride at least 3 mi/5 km
  • Three times during the Challenge
  • You can do a maximum of two rides in a week

The 2022 Midnite Bicycle League Challenge will happen from 1 January to 14 February 2022. All times local.

What’s different for 2022:

  • Shorter timeframe: Last year’s challenge spread across three months. While it gave plenty of time for people to ride, it turned into a logistical headache for me. Plus, because people thought that they had “all the time in the world”, there was a panic amongst a few of you when I reminded people it was the last week of the…

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Holiday Sale in my shop from now until December 6!

Urban Adventure League

Hello folks! The holiday season is here, and since I’m not doing any in-person sales again this year, I figured I’d run a little sale as a perk. This sale is running from Monday November 22 through Monday December 6th at my Etsy shop.

How it shapes up:

  • 50% off postcards
  • 25% off buttons and stickers
  • 20% off most everything else! This includes registration for Midnite Bicycle League and memberships for Bikes and Film Cameras Club and Society of Three Speeds.
  • The only thing the sale doesn’t cover is original art

So hop to it! Head over to my Etsy shop, where the discounts will be automatic–no coupon code needed.

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Three Speed October 2021: Reporting Deadline Day

Hello all! If you have participated in this year's Three Speed October 2021 Challenge, today is the day that your Official Reporting Journal needs to head on its way to me. So finalize your journal, and send it in! • For participants inside the US: Physical journal must be mailed in and postmarked by this… Continue reading Three Speed October 2021: Reporting Deadline Day