Raleigh Wayfarer

Look! A Raleigh Wayfarer! This is the same bike as my first British three speed that I got back in 2010.

The Cottered Crank

I’ve been looking for a ‘beater bike’ for a while. Something to nip into town and run to the shops on. A bike I don’t mind leaving locked up somewhere for an hour or two. I could totally do all this on my Kona Sutra, but I don’t like leaving it chained up – it’s still a bit shiny for that.

I wanted something a little rough around the edges that a thief wouldn’t look twice at, that I wouldn’t mind getting scratched in a bike rack or leaving out in the rain. Or maybe I just wanted another bike because I’m a weak-willed slave to consumerism?

Either way, when I saw this 1970’s Raleigh Wayfarer for sale just down the road, I had to go and take a look. I’m no expert, and despite the bike being far from in mint condition, the bike looked to be completely original.

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Personalizing the Brompton

Urban Adventure League

It’s been three months since Emee and I have gotten our Bromptons. We bought them from REI, since no one else seemed to have them when we were looking (at least not at an affordable price.) I’m really thankful that REI had them (hello, dividend!) but they only carry bare-bones versions, and only in black. I didn’t mind black, and I knew that I’d be changing out things to fit my preferences, so it wasn’t the biggest deal. What have I done so far?

Grips. The stock Brompton grips are perfectly okay, but I wanted something with a little more flair, and a little more cushion. I found a set of leather PDW ergonomic grips. They looked and felt nice, but were just too long for the not-that-long M-type handlebars. I then got the cork version of the PDW ergo grips, and they fit after a little bit of trimming…

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The Raleigh Superbe at about six years: A reflection

Urban Adventure League

14 Jan 2022. Olympus Pen EES-2/Fuji Superia Premium 400

I’ve been riding my Raleigh Superbe quite a bit lately. When I got the Brompton back in October, I pretty much rode that exclusively for two months. Then I rotated to the Bantam, as I wanted to get some more “ride” rides in. Now it’s the Superbe’s turn for attention. And I’m not feeling any itch to “switch it up” anytime soon. I’ve used it for everything, even longer rides where the Bantam excels. Why is that? It’s because the Superbe is such a versatile machine.

The “sports” model roadster came about sometime in the earlier part of the twentieth century. I’m not exactly sure when, but I’d say just after World War I. The sports or light roadster differed from the full-on roadster in weight (hence, light) and geometry (hence, sports.) It hit that sweet spot between robust but heavy…

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New Shop and a coupon!

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Three Speed April: No “journal” challenge, but a photo one

My Raleigh Superbe, 26 Dec 2021. Olympus Pen EES-2/Kodak TMAX 400 Hello, friends of Three Speeds! I said on my 2021 wrap-up/2022 preview post that we would be doing only one true challenge this year, the October one. It's a lot of work to put on one of these, and I only have bandwidth to… Continue reading Three Speed April: No “journal” challenge, but a photo one