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Three Speed April: No “journal” challenge, but a photo one

My Raleigh Superbe, 26 Dec 2021. Olympus Pen EES-2/Kodak TMAX 400

Hello, friends of Three Speeds! I said on my 2021 wrap-up/2022 preview post that we would be doing only one true challenge this year, the October one. It’s a lot of work to put on one of these, and I only have bandwidth to manage one in a year.

However, I’ve decided there will still be some three speed fun in April! I’m going to bring back the Photo-Only Challenge. We did this once before, back in 2020 when pandemic was just starting and I didn’t know if it was wise to encourage people go out on bike rides.

The idea is to simply share photos online that fit the theme of the challenge. There will be four weekly prompts, plus a final “free week” at the end. The four prompts will be:

  • You and your three speed
  • Monochrome/black and white
  • Three speeds in nature
  • Three speeds carrying stuff

I’m putting out the prompts in advance, so from now until the challenge starts you can create photos following the themes.

Three Speed April will happen from Sunday March 27 through Saturday April 30th. There will be no registration, no fees, and no prizes. More details to come in March.

Hope you can join us!


4 thoughts on “Three Speed April: No “journal” challenge, but a photo one

    1. Good question. I’m trying not to be too strict on this. I’d say “fairly recently” and it’s up to you to determine what “fairly recently” is: yesterday? 2018?
      Then again, I’d love to see some vintage photos, as long as they are yours and not stuff you found on the internet. Photos of people bike touring Britain in the 50s is cool, but unless it was you or maybe your grandparents, it’s not what I’m after.

      One rule that I do want people to keep in mind is to not use photos that have been used in a previous Three Speed April photo challenge. Each challenge should have fresh photos.

      1. Clear enough for me!

        I thought I’d go fully film on this one. Even though I can bulk roll short rolls, and process at home, being able to queue up some of the photos in advance helps ensure I can do this, and post within the relevant weeks.


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