Raleigh Wayfarer

Look! A Raleigh Wayfarer! This is the same bike as my first British three speed that I got back in 2010.

The Cottered Crank

I’ve been looking for a ‘beater bike’ for a while. Something to nip into town and run to the shops on. A bike I don’t mind leaving locked up somewhere for an hour or two. I could totally do all this on my Kona Sutra, but I don’t like leaving it chained up – it’s still a bit shiny for that.

I wanted something a little rough around the edges that a thief wouldn’t look twice at, that I wouldn’t mind getting scratched in a bike rack or leaving out in the rain. Or maybe I just wanted another bike because I’m a weak-willed slave to consumerism?

Either way, when I saw this 1970’s Raleigh Wayfarer for sale just down the road, I had to go and take a look. I’m no expert, and despite the bike being far from in mint condition, the bike looked to be completely original.

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