On sale again: Schwinn Heavy Duti

Urban Adventure League

Hey folks. I tried to sell my Schwinn Heavy Duti back in December. I knew it was a bad time to do so, but too that chance. Obviously it didn’t sell. I took it off the chopping block, and wanted to see if I still wanted to keep it. And I don’t. So now it’s time to sell again.

There is nothing wrong with the bike, and everything is mechanically sound as far as I know. It isn’t the cleanest of bikes, as it probably sat outside quite a bit in its former life as a factory bike at an aluminum mill. But it boasts many new parts and has been optimized for city riding and utility use.

This circa 1996 Schwinn Heavy Duti is a “one-size” deal that should fit folks from 5’3″ to 6′. (I’m 5’8″.) This cantilever style frame was used for about five years at a…

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