A Tweed Ride Report (PDX Tweed, 3 April 2022)

Urban Adventure League

I’ve been involved with Portland’s Tweed Ride for a decade. That’s a pretty long time. When I became one of the organizers in 2012, the first group of Tweedistas, responsible for putting on the first three rides (one in 2010, two in 2011), were stepping down. There have been many good folks involved over the years, yet somehow I stayed on board. I’ve also seen the initial enthusiasm for all things Tweed taper off. The early Tweed Rides numbered in the hundreds, the last time we had a ride (2019), it was down to 30.

Had people stopped caring about the Tweed Ride?

Before I could get an answer to that question, pandemic got in the way. The “great shutdown” happened in March 2020, a few weeks before the planned 2020 ride. Plans were put on hold. Things were better in April 2021, but not good enough. I wasn’t confident…

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