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Three Speed April 2022, Week Five: The “Open” Week

My Brompton by the Steel Bridge, watching a freight roll by. 5 April 2022. Camera: Olympus XA2 Film: Kodak Portra 400

It’s time to close out Three Speed Adventure April 2020 in a good way! The theme for the week? There’s no theme!

Yes, the fifth and final week of Three Speed April 2022, from 12:01 AM on Sunday April 24th to 11:59 PM on Sunday April 30th (all times local) is The Open Week. This means you can do anything, so long as a three speed bicycle is in the shot! So you can do any of the following:

  • Post a photo that would have worked during any of the previous four weeks of themes. Have a self portrait with bike you didn’t get done in time? Post it! Carried a bag of mulch from the garden supply store? Let’s see it! Etc, etc
  • It can also be a photo that has nothing to do with the previous week’s prompts.
  • Or, Make your own theme! Just make sure that you let us know what the theme is. Who knows, if I do this type of challenge again, maybe I’ll use the theme you created!
    • In order to have a theme, you need to do at least two photos pertaining to your theme.
    • You can do multiple themes during the week, the maximum amount of themes you can do is three.
  • You can post every day of the week! So you can get in a maximum of seven pictures this week. The “one a day” rule still applies.

You can submit one photo a day (12:01 AM to 11:59 PM, your local time), and up to three a week every day this weekThis week starts Sunday, April 24, so do not post for Week Five until then. It can be a photo or drawing.

Oh yeah, before you submit, check out the full rules here. Make sure you tag your photos on the medias (Instagram, flickr, tumblr) with #3spdapr22 and “ping” me. I’ll share what I can!


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