Pedalpalooza is all summer long! Here are the rides I’m leading

Urban Adventure League

It’s anniversary time for Pedalpalooza, Portland’s annual summertime bike fun fest. Starting in 2002 as the all August long BikeSummer, it morphed into the first two or so weeks of June Pedalpalooza, then the all-June Pedalpalooza. Pandemic in 2020 put a crimp on the “actual led rides” version, but last year it returned as an “all summer” (or at least June, July, and August) event.

At first I wasn’t into the idea of an all-summer event, as I felt it diluted the strength of the event–three months might spread the fun too thin. That was not a problem, and the energy and momentum of Pedalpalooza stuck around until Labor Day. And there’s a big upside for me–a season long event meant I only needed to do two to three events a month, vs. “lemme cram nine events into a single month” which leads to this:

Anyways, without further ado, here…

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