Using a Sturmey Archer three speed hub


I have been riding the old Husqvarna bicycle for a while now remembering the advantages with three speeds. Riding up hills on the low gear and selecting the high gear when going down the hill at an rather high speed. Suddenly remembering, whilst the wind flutters the trouser legs, that old drum brakes might not be the best alternative if a sudden urge emerges to stop quickly. Who needs brakes anyway? It is the speed that count, after all. Fangio was not known for braking.

Summertime, green grass and a red bicycle

When riding the old Husqvarna, I treat the Sturmeay Archer hub in a special way. First of all, I always shift to the high gear when the bicycle is not used. That is to release the clutch spring inside the hub when not in use. If it is the right way to do it or not, I haveā€¦

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