Pepin-Minneapolis 2022 Trip, Part Two: The Tour

Urban Adventure League

The Brew-Up in Lake City, 15 May 2022. Minolta XD5/Ilford HP5+/Ilfosol 3 1:9 at 5:30 in Rondinax 35U

This wasn’t my first Pepin rodeo, nor was it Emee’s. I’ve been to the Lake Pepin Three Speed Tour four times before, Emee once. Heck, I even wrote a “tips and tricks” blog post for newbies. Yet even after all the previous tours, I felt both rusty and like a first-timer again. I guess four years away and two years of pandemic can do that to a person.

Saturday May 14th started off great. The weekend would see clouds to sun, temps in the 70s F, with a very slight chance of showers. (I heard a report of a few drops from someone.) This is good, as May in the upper Midwest can be a bit iffy in the weather department. (The 2019 Tour had pouring rain and a high of…

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