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A reflection on the Society in 2022, and what’s ahead for 2023

Riding the Esplanade with my Raleigh Superbe, Portland. 5 Dec 2022

Hello, friends of three speeds. 2022 was a very quiet year for the Society, possibly the quietest year since I founded it way back in 2013. This year we had no rides and one challenge, and that was just photo-based. (Three Speed April) I was a bit burnt out from a year-plus of managing various challenges, and the lackluster turnout for rides in 2021 meant that I wasn’t going to do another ride until I felt I had the energy to make it special. That energy was not there in 2022.

As for membership, we welcomed fifteen new members this year. This is much less than 2021, where we had 56 new members. My current “upside down Sturmey-Archer trigger shifter” logo has been popular, though, and pretty much all the membership kit supplies from that 2021 are gone, prompting a re-order. (You can still get in on that action!)

But it’s not all gloom and doom. 2023 is the ten year anniversary of the Society. And I’m still going to have the Three Speed Tour to Willamette Falls on Saturday April 29th. It was a lot of fun when we did it in 2019. I also hope to have a few more special things happen through the year. Stay tuned.

And ride your three speed with pride and pleasure!


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