The much-talked about SoTS patch is coming. Get in on the pre-order. Oh yeah, new membership kits too.

Hello friends of Three Speeds! I’ve talked about the reboot of the Society of Three Speeds membership kit for what feels like ages. I’ve mentioned that what I really want to do is add a patch to the kit, and revamp the design.

And that day is coming.

I’m getting some swell patches stitched by Falls Creek Outfitters. These 2 1/2 inch patches will feature the new SoTS design/logo, shown above! Neat.

And since I got the new design and the new patch, it’s time to restart the…SOCIETY OF THREE SPEEDS MEMBERSHIPS! It’s been a couple years since I offered them, and now I’m offering them again! Woot.

The new SoTS Membership pack will feature:

  • The patch!
  • Two 1 inch buttons of the design
  • Three 1 1/2 inch stickers of the design
  • One year of Postcard Club. You’ll get about four unique event postcards sent to you!
  • A subscription to the Society of Three Speeds email list, where you will be notified of upcoming SoTS events and other items of interest.
  • Some other special goodness!
  • And of course, your membership card with your membership number!

So want in on the action? Act now, because I’m offering two special pre-order sales!

  • Get the SoTS membership pack for $15 plus shipping and fees! (The membership price will go up to $20 after pre-order sale.)
  • Get the SoTS patch for $5 plus shipping and fees! (You must be a member to get the patch individually. Patch price will go up to $7 after pre-order sale.)

The pre-order sale for both ends at 11:59 PM Pacific Time on Friday December 7th. Orders will be shipped by January.

Are you Portland local? You can choose to pick these items up at the Bike Craft Fair on Saturday December 15 or Sunday December 16! Just indicate this in the notes of the order, or email me sometime between placing your order and the show. And if you do choose to do so, I’ll give you a $2 credit for patches and $3 for memberships! This credit can be used towards buying stuff at the show! (You must spend at least $10 in addition to the pre-order at the show, and it can only be used at the time of pickup. Maximum of $5 combined in credit.)

Pre-order the membership here.

Pre-order the patch here.


An end of Pedalpalooza sale in my store: 20% off with code until July 8!

Urban Adventure League

IMG_20180619_144131-01-01.jpegHello friends! Pedalpalooza is entering its final stretch. And I’ve also got some new buttons in the store and a full button restock thanks to Button Arcade. So why not have a little sale?

From now until 11:45 PM PDT on Sunday July 8, 2018, everything in my store is 20% off! Yep, comix, zines, buttons, postcards, and posters. Use code PP2018 in the checkout to get the discount.

The fine print:

  • 20% discount applies to the cost of item, there are no discounts on shipping and/or Storenvy fees.
  • You’ll need to spend at least $5 on an order to qualify for the discount.
  • Discount on stock on hand, no backorders.

So head on over to my store at Storenvy to check out my stuff.

And thank you for your support!

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Three Speed Adventure April Challenge: Reporting Deadline Extended to May 25


Hello folks!  Eighteen folks “signed up” for the Three Speed Adventure April Challenge. Technically the deadline to report the rides was Friday May 18th. But so far, only seven of the eighteen have reported these rides. So I’m giving y’all a little more time!

If you have participated in the Three Speed Adventure Challenge, you have until the end of day (your local time) on Friday May 25th to fill out the report. It doesn’t matter if you only did one challenge, all five, or something in between, please fill out the form. It’s great that you blogged or Instagrammed your adventures, but please remember you need to fill out the form by deadline to qualify in the results and be eligible for the prizes!

If you have registered, you should have gotten the form emailed to you. If you did register via the Google Form shown below and for some reason HAVE NOT gotten the form, email me at

If you have done the challenge and have not registered, please register via form below. If you are having difficulties, please email me.

Okay, let’s see your reports!


Three Speed Get-Together, Sunday 25 February (plus Velocirque)

Hello folks! As spring continues to march its way towards us, now is the time to have a Society of Three Speeds events. Not a ride just yet, but a get-together!

Join us on Sunday February 25th at 6 PM at venerable Velo Cult Bike Shop Thing plus Tavern Type Thing, 1969 NE 42nd Ave in Portland’s Hollywood District. We’ll hang out indoors for a couple hours, drink beer, and talk three speeds. If we feel so inclined, maybe we’ll take a short spin afterwards. So bring your three speed!

Pertinent points of this gathering:

  • There will be trivia! And possibly a few prizes with trivia.
  • We’ll talk about the upcoming Three Speed Adventure April Challenge.
  • We’ll also check in on upcoming Society of Three Speed activities.

Also worth noting: On Saturday February 24, Velocirque will be happening at Velo Cult! This is a vintage bike show happening from 3 to 8 PM. This time around, they are specifically encouraging three speeds to show up and strut their stuff! So don’t be shy, bring down your trusty three speed to be ogled by others. (Having a kickstand is a definite plus.) There’ll be a ride meeting at the shop at 10 AM before the main event.

A Three Speed October Week One Wrap-up!

Yes friends, the long awaited post detailing Week One of the Three Speed October 2017 Challenge! We had a good turnout for the week of Oct 1-8. Eighteen folks did a ride this week, sixteen of them did the three needed to qualify! Here’s who participated. Links to their internet reports (if available.)

Asterisk (*) next to name means did not complete the week

  1. me!
  2. 3speedSeattle
  3. Tim in Eugene/Springfield
  4. Tim in Eastern Oregon
  5. Jim in Ontario (Canada, not Oregon or California!)
  6. Kirk P  in PDX
  7. Scott aka therealfivetoedsloth in PA
  8. Spencer in the Hudson Valley. (Note: linked instagram account is private, a more public report is here.)
  9. Brian in Indiana
  10. Steve in Indiana (two people from IN?)
  11. Law/Threespeedslow in NC
  12. Andrew in MI
  13. Maria/Bicycle Kitty in PDX
  14. Emee in PDX*
  15. Neal in Mass*
  16. Bike Shed
  17. Ben in Montreal
  18. Todd B in the Couve

Have you done a ride during the first week of this challenge (Oct 1-7) but haven’t logged it? There is still time. Use the form here.

Snohomish Tweed Ride, Sat 23 Sept

snohotweed2016.jpgHello, folks! With this decidedly fall-like weather we’re having here in the Rose City, I’m now thinking about wearing tweed for the first time in months. And conveniently enough, there is a Tweed Ride coming up! Not in Portland, but up in Snohomish, Washington, which is north of Seattle.

The Snohomish Tweed Ride will be happening at 10 AM on Saturday September 23rd in downtown Snohomish. They do require a $15 per person entry fee (details on the site), but you do get some cool swag with it. The four-hour event will be a leisurely cruise on the Centennial Trail, and will conclude with a picnic. How lovely!

And the weather should be lovely on Saturday, highs in the low 70’s and sunny. So a good excuse for a Tweedy roadtrip.

Now we just need to see if Seattle ever gets their act together and have another Tweed Ride…