Three Speed Adventure April is in effect! Go here for details.

Thanks for stopping by! The Society of Three Speeds (or SOTS, if you are into that whole brevity thing) was founded in 2013 in Portland, Oregon, USA. To put it simply, our society appreciates the humble three speed bicycle. Once the ultimate in human-powered transportation, the three speed bicycle has been sidelined by first the road bike or “ten speed” and then the mountain bike. The three speed has been either disparaged or just forgotten about during the past 40 years or so.

But there’s nothing wrong with a three speed bicycle!
We aim to provide the resources and inspiration for people to enjoy and ride three speed bicycles, whether vintage or modern. For a nominal fee, you can become a member of the Society of Three Speeds and get a membership packet sent to you!
We also put on a series of Three Speed Rides through the year. The first one occurred in 2011, and we have about three rides a year.
Please peruse the many pages on this website for more information. (Please be gentle on us, this website is still a work in progress, and it is a labor of love by one obsessive man.) If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
Viva Three Speeds!
updated 29 March 2018

82 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. …and another English welcome, from the home of the Three-Speed. Thank you so much for the truly lovely little introductory pack. I will be ordering more stickers, and another couple of memberships as gifts.

  2. Jeremy Derby. says:

    Yes…. I´m now a member of this great cycle club.
    I ride my three speed every day here in Denmark and people do comment on the bike. Mostly things like `can you manage with only three gears´ or `how do you cope with hills´ I manage fine and I can always walk up the hills.
    Nice web site as well.

  3. Edward Brandwein says:

    Nice blog! I’m a three speed fella myself. I ride a pretty new Worksman Ritchie. SA hub. Great bike for NYC.


  4. Arnie Starcher says:

    How much fun can riding around with a bunch of bike nuts grasping onto an outdated form of transportation be?
    Wait,…..probably a blast! New stuff sucks! And everyone there knows it! Wonder if I’ll meet my twin siblings there?

  5. Don Salerno says:

    I want to join SOTS… I have a Steyr-Puch 3 speed…here in Hollywood, Florida
    Send info please

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