New Stickers: Large SoTS and Three Speed Camping!

Hello, friends of Three Speeds! I just got in some new stickers for the Society.

First up is the large version of the Society of Three Speeds logo. This one has a three inch diameter (vs. the 1 1/2 inch of the regular one). Like the smaller stickers, this one is weather resistant. If you are a member, you can purchase one for $2 (plus shipping/fees), while supplies last. Not a member? It’s included in the Deluxe membership kit.

And I also made some of these nifty Three Speed Camping stickers! If you’ve been around here long enough you know I’m a big proponent of camping trips via three speeds. This three inch, weather-resistant sticker is here to celebrate that. Have you been on a three speed camping trip? If you have, you can grab one of these stickers for $2 (plus shipping/fees.) Haven’t been on a Three Speed Camping Trip yet? You can still get one, if you intend to go on one in the near future (let’s say by the end of 2020). I should be making some patches of this at some point, too! But if you buy one of these stickers, be prepared to tell me about your past and/or upcoming three speed camping trip!

A membership update

Hello friends of Three Speeds! Some of you may have noticed that I currently do not have Society of Three Speeds memberships for sale. After three years of the same membership packet, I have sold out of each and every bit. It had a good run, but I want to revamp “the kit” for SoTS 2.0

Of course the problem is making new kit costs $$$. Over the past three years, I’ve gained just under 160 members, which is an impressive number! But to do some of the nicer bits of flair that I hoped to do, I’d have to sell lots more membership packets to pencil out. So alas, no fancy pins or things like that.

But right now, I am leaning on having:

  1. A button or two, the same one inch size I used in the past, but with a revamped design
  2. A sticker or two, see above
  3. An embroidered patch

I always thought patches would be a nice addition to the kit, but haven’t looked into pursuing it until now. And yeah, it’ll cost some money, so I have to scrounge together some pennies.

I’m aiming to get it all ready for later summer, hopefully August. And once I get it all sorted out, all current members will be able to purchase the new buttons, stickers, and patches. When I do have things more sorted, I intend to do a “pre-sale”, but I don’t want to take any orders just yet. So please wait for an update!