Three Speed April photo challenge

The next (or current) Three Speed April photo challenge will happen from Sunday March 27 to Saturday April 30, 2022. All times local.

Hello folks! Some years we do a “paper challenge” for Three Speed April, just like how Three Speed October is done. This year Three Speed April is simply a photo challenge.

The idea is to simply share photos online that fit the theme of the challenge. There will be four weekly prompts, plus a final “free week” at the end. Here are the five prompts for each week:

  1. Sun 27 Mar – Sat 2 Apr: You and your three speed
  2. Sun 3 – Sat 9 Apr: Monochrome/black and white
  3. Sun 10 – Sat 16 Apr: Three speeds in nature
  4. Sun 17 – Sat 23 Apr: Three speeds carrying stuff
  5. Sun 24 – Sat 30 Apr: Free week

I’ll post more details about each week before the week starts.

Here are the rules:

  • This can happen anywhere on earth.
  • This is open to anyone who owns a bike with an internally geared hub of three, four, or five speeds. No more/less gears, no derailleurs, with the exception of Bromptons (which can have a two-speed deraileur) and chain tensioners. It doesn’t matter how old the bike is, or what country the bike came from.
  • The photos can be fresh, or they can be from your archives. But they have to be your photos. Exceptions are vintage photos of your family/friends on three speeds.
  • You can post one photo a day, with the maximum of three per week. (Day is from 12:01 AM to 11:59 PM your local time.)
    • You can post daily during the final free week.
  • You can only post photos that relate to theme of the week. If you start late, or “forgot” a photo for the week, please DO NOT SHARE THAT PHOTO until the final Free Week, i.e. NO “here’s an extra one from last week’s theme” the following week. Only post three photos a week of that week’s theme.
  • You can post photos to your blog, Instagram, flickr, or tumblr. (No twitter or facebook, sorry.)
  • Please tag your pic #3spdapr22
  • Please write a good description!
  • Make sure you mention the make and model of your bike (i.e. Raleigh Superbe), and year if you know.
  • Let me know when you post. You can tag me in the post or email/DM me.
  • Want to mail it in via post? Sure. You will need to include a photo, though. Email/DM me for more info.
  • I will do my best to share as many posts as possible!
  • Don’t want your photos to be shared? By being part of this challenge, I assume that you want me to share your photos. If you do not want your photos shared, please say so.

Three Speed April will happen from Sunday March 27 through Saturday April 30th. There will be no registration, no fees, and no prizes. 

Hope you can participate!