Three Speed Camping

From the Wisconsin three speed bike tour I did in 2015. Photo by Pondero.

In this modern era, bicycle touring, let alone camping one night, seems like an impossible idea. Load up a bike with only three gears and ride? Preposterous!

While bicycles with more than three speeds definitely have advantages when it comes to touring, especially in mountainous terrain, the idea of taking your Raleigh Superbe on an overnight or multi-day voyage is definitely doable. It’s a matter of knowing you and your bike’s limitations and the type of ride you’re in for. And it’s totally okay to walk your bike up a too-big hill.

In this age of endless options, we forget that at one time three speed bicycles was the best option for a camping trip or tour. And many people did it! There are many accounts of folks in the British Isles during the mid-twentieth century loading up their steeds and hitting the open road.

These pages in the Three Speed Camping section are intended to give you instruction and inspiration on how to go about an overnight camping trip or multi-day tour. Hopefully you’ll consider heading out on your next camping trip with your trusty three speed!