Time to "renew" your SoTS membership?

Hello friends of three speeds! It is still true what I’ve said since 2013: Once a member, always a member of Society of Three Speeds.

But for those of you who purchased a membership around this time last year, one thing is going to expire: the bonuses. This means you won’t get any of the postcards I send through the year (four to six) or any other cool extras I may apply.

So now is a good time to “renew” your membership. For $15 plus shipping/handling, you’ll still another full year of postcards, plus any extras! All you need to be is an existing member of Society of Three Speeds. You can do that here. But if you don’t, no more postcards!

Psst! Are you a pre-2018 member, and want to get the cool new patch, buttons, and stickers you see above? Consider buying the Deluxe Membership for $30 (plus shipping/handling). You’ll get all that stuff I mention, plus you’ll get a year of postcards bundled in!

It's "Telegraph Tuesday" at the Urban Adventure League

Urban Adventure League

Hello friends! Yes, the hub-bub of the Holiday shopping season has started. While it’s easy to go to places like Amazon this week to get “deals”, don’t forget about the small businesses. And there ain’t no smaller biz than me, the Urban Adventure League!

I’m not offering any sizzling hot deals or promo codes this time around.* What I am offering is some decent prices on some quality comics, zines, buttons, stickers, postcards, and more!

New Old Stock S-5/Inktober Two pack.The two newest comics I have out, bundled together for $6! Save a buck off of cover price.

New Old Stock Five Pack.Get all five issues of my long-running bike comic series for only $16. You’re basically getting one for free!

Postcard four-pack.All of my current in-production postcards for just $6, saving $2. There are still some clearance postcards for a buck, like Pedalpalooza 2017 and Woman…

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Pre-Sale on New Old Stock and Inktober comics, plus postcards, extended through Dec 1

Urban Adventure League

Hello friends! My pre-order sales are being extended until Sunday December 1st. Still some time to get some good deals on cool stuff. Like:

Another issue of NEW OLD STOCK, my regular comic-zine! PLUS…I’m ALSO collecting the small one-panel journal comics I did for this year’s Inktober Challenge! Together you can get them for just $5, saving a buck off retail!

And: New Postcards,including:

-Gnar Bike Woman
-Three Speed at Milepost 5

Get all three for $5 (plus shipping/handling.) Save a buck off the regular price. Deal!
Orders should ship in December. Get to my Shop here.

Thank you for your support. And to those of you in the US, Happy Thanksgiving!

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New Postcards for 2019! Here’s a pre-sale.

Urban Adventure League

Hello friends. The year (and decade!) wanes, the holidays approach. I’ve been a busy beaver, getting ready for that. I knew that I wanted and needed some new postcards. So, without further ado, here’s some new ones for 2019!


Gnar Bike Woman

Three Speed at Milepost 5

All of these cards measure 4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″ and are printed on 17 pt thickness / 120 lb weight paper. An uncoated matte finish with an eggshell texture means that they are great for writing with a variety of pens. (Try using a fountain pen on your standard glossy postcard!)

From now until Wednesday November 27, you can get all three for $5 (plus shipping/handling.) Save a buck off the regular price. Deal! Orders should ship in December. Go here to order.

Don’t forget! I have other postcards available in my Shop!

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The latest New Old Stock (S-5), plus my Inktober 2019 comic: Pre-order special until Nov 30

Urban Adventure League

It’s time for another issue of NEW OLD STOCK, my regular comic-zine! This will feature mostly one page comics about bicycles (esp. three speeds), bike touring, travel, old things, being a retro-grouch, and Portland/Cascadia life. Size is 4 1/4″ wide by 5 1/2″ high.

But wait…I’m ALSO collecting the small one-panel journal comics I did for this year’s Inktober Challenge! One comic for each day of the month. This will be a super-small comic zine, measuring about 4 1/4″ high (or maybe even a wee bit shorter) and 2 3/4″ wide! And it’s also a LIMITED EDITION comic, as I won’t print more than 100.

These comics will be available in December. So get in on the pre-order now, which will last until November 30th. You’ll save a dollar off the cover price of these zines when you do the pre-order, so…don’t delay! Act today.

Pre-order yours here.

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It’s deadline day for reporting for this year’s Three Speed October

Hello friends of Three Speeds, today is the day. If you have done rides for this year’s Three Speed October Challenge but have yet to finalize it by completing your Google Forms, now is the time.

If you have signed up for the Challenge, you should have at least gotten the form to fill out for Week One. Please go ahead and fill that out, and you’ll get the subsequent forms. If for some reason you haven’t received the form, get in touch.

If you completed the challenge successfully, you should have received a Completion form, in which you indicate which prize pack you’d like. If you haven’t received this form, let me know. If you have, please fill it out ASAP and when you receive the PayPal money request, please pay! I need to get the prize pack order finalized.

If you are doing the challenge via papernet (aka through the mail), today is the day to mail it all in.

Are you confused? Need more time? Etc? I will be accommodating. But I need to hear from you!

For all of you who have filled out your info, THANK YOU!

Prizes should go out in December. Also, I will be announcing the results and those who won the special prizes in December.