Palm Tree Ride, Sunday 22 January 2023

Urban Adventure League

Ah, the annual middle-of winter tradition returns for its eighteenth year! This is a ride I’ve been doing mostly annually since 2005, only skipping 2016 and 2017 when I thought I was “burnt out” from it and 2021 for obvious reasons.

The premise, as always, is the same: An approximately10 mile casual bicycle ride (not a loop) explorin’ the palm trees around town. I also throw in some other exotics and evergreens, like eucalypts, madronas, yuccas, Oregon myrtles, and such. These trees and shrubs keep the city green through our grey and cool winter months, when all the deciduous trees have dropped their leaves. Seeing a bunch of them in the middle of winter brightens the mood, and reminds us that winter here may not be as bad as we feel.

Come join me this Sunday January 23rd at 11 am for the Palm Tree Ride. Registration is required and…

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