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Checkin’ in with the Society, halfway through 2021

Hello, friends of Three Speeds. After a year-plus of pandemic, things seem like they have finally rounded a corner as more and more people get vaccinated. I got my second Moderna shot on June 1st, so in another week I should be in the clear! (Well, as in the clear as I can be.) With the improvement of public health and the loosening of restrictions, things should be more active around these parts for the rest of the year.

How has 2021 turned out so far?

  • Three Speed April: About thirty people participated in the spring challenge! Patches are on their way, and once they are in my hands I’ll get out prize packs.
  • New membership kit: There’s been a great deal of attention since I revamped the logo and created fancy pins! Since the launch in March about fifty people have either joined the Society or renewed their membership. We have now exceeded 300 members!

And what do I still have in store?

  • Three Speed Cruise, Monday August 2nd. My first in-person Society of Three Speeds events since the January 2020 pub crawl! Join us for a leisurely 10-ish mile loop around the Willamette. The ride is open to bikes with three, four, or five speed hub gears. Limited to 20 people and registration via Eventbrite is required. You’ll get full info (including start location) after you register.
  • Three Speed October. The challenge will return again! Like last year’s challenge, it will be done via post. You’ll register and pay the fee, then get the Official Reporting Journal sent to you. This year’s challenge will happen from September 26 through October 31st. Full details will be posted by mid-September.
  • Fall Three Speed Ride. If all goes well, I plan on having a longer (20-ish mile) ride in October. I won’t be using the Oregon City/Willamette Falls route, as that’s my spring fling. I’ll have full info in September. Most likely it will be limited to 20 people and require registration.
  • Three Speed Ride in Seattle? I had fun on the 2019 ride and would like to do it again at some point. Maybe I’ll try for something in October again, or maybe in spring. Stay tuned for info!

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