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Three Speed October 2019: The rest of my second week

It’s been exciting times around the SoTS HQ this Three Speed October: Forty people have registered so far, about 10 have reported their first week. I’ve been pretty much been riding my Raleigh Superbe since the start of the Challenge, so it’s been pretty easy for me to get the requisite three rides a week in.

My Week Two started on Friday October 4, but my first ride wasn’t until Saturday October 5th. This was the Three Speed Ride as reported here.

Since then, I’ve completed two more rides towards Week Two:

  • Sunday October 6: Emee and I did a 5 mile round-trip on a gorgeous evening. First, dinner at Nicholas Restaurant (the one on NE Broadway) for their great Lebanese food. Then across the street to pick up groceries at New Seasons Market Grant Park.
  • Monday October 7: A 4 mile pre Coffeneuring Challenge practice run right around dark. A slice of pizza and a mocha at Albina Press on SE Hawthorne to do a little drawing for #inktober2019 (Multi-tasking. 😁) There’s not a lot of “late” (past 6 PM) coffee shops in town, so I was happy to find out that Albina Press stays open until 8! 

Alright, so how is everyone’s Three Speed October Challenge going? Let’s see your reports! Oh yeah, everyone should also attempt the Coffeeneuring Challenge, especially on their three speeds!


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