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Challenge Update: You don’t need to post photos of every ride, but it’s nice!

img_20161005_225108Hello folks! Just want to clear up some confusion regarding this here contest. While it’s nice to be photo documenting each and every ride (and posting it on your blog, or flickr, or Instagram), YOU DON’T HAVE TO. We understand, some of you don’t even have a cell phone, you don’t want to lug around your SLR, etc. That’s fine.

But you can still participate! You just need to log it on paper or via email. Here’s a sample of what it should look like:

moosemoose’s Week One rides:

  1. Sun Oct 2: 7 miles. Cruise along the riverfront bike path. 74F and sunny! Stopped at the ice cream stand too, it’s not going to be open that much longer. Took the Robin Hood Sports
  2. Tues Oct 4: 10 miles. Round trip to work. 67F and partly cloudy. Stopped by the hardware store for WD40. Took the Raleigh Twenty.
  3. Thurs Oct 6: 15 miles. Rode up to Mt. Tabor on my 70’s Nishiki road bike three speed conversion. 63F and a bit drizzly at times. The bike did well on the climb up to the top of the hill!
If you can do that, you can qualify for the prize, and possibly win a membership!
To be clear, I’d still like to see at least ONE photo of your bike, and if you do use more than one bike, a photo of each bike used. It can be at home and in your driveway. I need to be able to see that you own a three speed and are not just pulling my leg to win a free sticker. 😉
So send those submissions via email to:
Or via post to: SHAWN GRANTON, P O BOX 14185, PORTLAND OR 97293-0185

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