Holiday Membership Sale, plus Gift Memberships!

All this could be yours! Or you can gift SOTS to someone you love!
All this could be yours! Or you can gift SOTS to someone you love!

Hello friends of three speeds! After just eight months, we have just over 80 members, hailing from all corners of the earth! It would be lovely to hit 100 members by the New Year, and it would also be lovely to get some more cash flow here too. So for this holiday season, I’m offering a sale price on memberships!

From now until 11:59 PM, Pacific Standard Time (that’s minus eight hours from Greenwich Time) on Friday 3 January 2014, regular memberships will be discounted by $3. So in the US a membership will be only $7, and $12 for the rest of the world.

And for those of you who are currently members of SOTS, I’m offering you the ability to purchase GIFT MEMBERSHIPS for friends, family, loved ones, enemies, etc. These memberships will only be $6 in the US, $10 rest of world! Please note that you must have purchased your membership BEFORE 26 November 2013 to get the gift membership. I’ll only be offering these gift memberships until 11:59 PM, Pacific Standard Time, on Friday 3 January 2014, so get them now if you want them!

Find full information about ordering memberships on our Membership page.

Also, I’ve gotten a couple people requesting a specific membership number. Member numbers are given out in the order memberships are purchased. If you are member #82, for example, that means you are the eighty-second person to purchase a SOTS membership. If you would really, really, REALLY like to request a specific member number, fine! Just pay an additional $333 fee on top of the basic membership price, and we’ll get the number of your choice. Please note that we can’t give you a number that has already been taken, no matter the price, and if you insist on the member number being all threes, like, say, Member #333, multiply that number by 3 to get the fee you need to pay. For example, to buy member #333, it will cost you $999, #3333 will be $9999, and so on. If you don’t care about what number you get, don’t worry about any of that.

Happy holidays!

4 thoughts on “Holiday Membership Sale, plus Gift Memberships!

  1. There sits on my drawing table a lonely and forlorn envelope, gathering dust, I presume, as it has been lying there for over a month. Enclosed, you will find (eventually, when I finally locate – or at least remember to walk into the other room and pull out of a drawer – a postage stamp) the requisites and bona fides for membership, hopefully constituting your initial three-speed Kansas City membership. All the best and happy holidays from the prodigal Early Morning Cyclist.

    1. Thank you for your holiday wishes, Early Morning, and look forward to seeing your membership application in the post. But alas, the title to “First KC Member” has been claimed a long, long time ago.

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